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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the meaning of "CABALLEROS"?
  • What does CABALLEROS offers?
  • Do you have products for women?
  • Can women use men's products?
  • Are beard oils good for treating the empty spots in the beard?
  • If a Davines product changes colour, can I still use it?
  • Were the products tested on animals?
  • Do you have a Vegan product?
  • Are the products you sell Sulphates & Parabens free?
  • I need some products from a brand you carry but I couldn't find them in your website, can you help?
  • Do you ship outside of Bahrain?
  • What is the difference between Express and Express Plus from UBEX?
  • Can I return or exchange my order?
  • I don't have a postal code. What I should put in the checkout page?
  • "CABALLEROS" is a Spanish word. It means gentelmen or knights. It is pronounced like this "Cabbayeros".

  • At CABALLEROS we offer men's personal care products from luxurious & award winning brands that have the best natural & organic ingredients. We always try to do our best to provide products that are good for you and for the earth. We do that by providing products that don't contain harmful chemecals and have recyclable packaging.

    Also, we always offer some unisex brands & products to make the whole family happy!

  • Yes! Visit the unisex page to explore the whole collection.

  • In general, men's skin is 35% to 40% thicker than a woman's skin and produces more oil. That and many other factors (like the products scent) and needs (such as shaving) are put in mind when companies produce men's skincare products.

    However, women can use men's products without any problems unless they have a sensiteve skin. If they do, we suggest that they try the product before purchasing.

  • There is no scientific proof yet!
    Beard oils nourish, hydrate, condition, help with beard combing, and adds shine. That makes the facial hair strong and healthy. Beard oils could stimulate hair growth for the already existing hair, but they don't make new hair grow.

  • You absolutely can. Davines uses food-grade colours, therefore they may be subject to chromatic alteration, especially if the product is in a clear packaging, however this will not affect its performance.

  • Absolutely not!

  • Yes we do. Check the product's facts to check if the product is vegan or not.

  • Yes! All the products are Sulphates & Parabens free.

    For more information about each product, check the description, facts, and ingredients sections for each product.

  • Of course we can! Just contact us and we will be glad to help you.

  • Currently no, but we will soon!

  • - With Express Plus you will receive your order within the next 24 bussines hours. This service costs 2 BHD.

    - With Express, the delivery is expected within 2 to 3 business days depending on your checkout time. To get the order within 2 business days please make you order between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. This service costs 1.5 BHD.

  • Yes, you can return or exchange your order within 6 business days if you did not open the product and the packaging was in a good condition.*

    Just contact us and we will be glad to help!

    * In COVID-19 situation, we are following the government's safety measurements. Therefore, products can't be returned or exchanged during this time.

  • No worries, Just write 0.